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Here are a few of our favorite bread machine recipes. Hope you enjoy them! We welcome your input. We are still looking for rye and French bread recipes that work well in a bread machine.

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Buttermilk Cheese Bread

7 Grain Bread

High Protein Diet Bread

Multi-Grain Bread

Cracked Wheat Bread

Three Seed Bread

The Best Bread Machine Sourdough


Recommended Books on Breadmaking with a Bread Machine


Here are a few tips:

1. We use a bread machine that takes the dry ingredients first. If your machine takes wet ingredients first, just reverse the recipe.  

2. Use bread flour. It really makes a difference. If you use regular flour, add gluten. We add one tablespoon of gluten for each cup of rye or whole-wheat flour.

3. Use all ingredients at room temperature unless otherwise noted. We use the microwave to warm the liquids and soften the butter.

4. You may have to adjust the moisture content by adding one or 2 T. of water or flour to make up for differences in flour and humidity. In our experience white bread is right when some dough still sticks to the bottom at the end of the first mixing. Breads with a lot of cereal need to be wetter at this stage, because the cereal will continue to absorb moisture.

5. If the top doesn't brown, try putting a piece of aluminum foil over the glass top when baking.

6. If you like nice crusty bread, remove the loaf from the machine as soon as it is cool enough to handle, and let it cool completely on a rack before putting it away.

7. If your machine has a fast or turbo cycle, use rapid rise yeast, and warm liquids to lukewarm.

8. If you use bulk dry yeast, a package of yeast is about 2 1/4 teaspoons.

9. These recipes use a minimum of salt. If you reduce the salt further, the bread may rise too much.


1 package dry yeast
3 cups bread flour
t. baking powder
t. salt
1 T. sugar
1 cup buttermilk (warm to room temperature)
1/4 cup warm water
7/8 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese (too much cheese will cause the top to collapse)

Cook on white bread cycle.


1 t. yeast
3 T. nonfat dry milk
2 cups bread flour
1 cup 7 grain or 9 grain cereal
t. salt
1 T. brown sugar
2 T. margarine or butter
1 cup water

Cook on wheat or sweet cycle.


A high fiber, protein complimented bread developed at Cornell University.

1 t. yeast
1/4 cup nonfat dry milk
1 1/4 cup bread flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup soy flour
2 T. wheat germ
t. salt
1 T. vegetable oil
1 T. honey (Use the spoon you used for the oil, and the honey won't stick to the spoon!)
1 cup water

Cook on white bread cycle


1 package yeast
5 T. nonfat dry milk
2 1/4 cup bread flour
2 T. gluten
5 T. oats
2/3 cup rye flour
2/3 cup oat bran
3 T. wheat germ
5 T. Bulgur or cracked wheat
1 t. salt
3 T. vegetable oil
2 T. honey
1 2/3 cup water

Cook on wheat cycle.


Heat 1 1/4 cup of water to boiling, and add cup cracked or Bulgur wheat. Set it aside to cool.

Put in the machine:

1 t. yeast
1 cup bread flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 T. gluten
t. salt

When the water and cracked wheat is cooled to lukewarm, add it and:

2 T. vegetable oil
1 T. honey

Bake on wheat cycle.


1 package yeast
1/4 cup nonfat dry milk
2 2/3 cup bread flour
1 1/3 cup whole wheat flour
1 T. gluten
1 T. + 1 t. poppy seeds
2 T. sesame seeds
4 T. sunflower seeds
t. salt
2 T. oil
2 T. honey
1 cup water

You may substitute quinoa and/or amaranth for the sunflower seeds to make an ancient grain bread.

Cook on white bread cycle.


Adapted from a recipe from Joyce Mare and Helen Fleischer on

1 package yeast
2 1/4 cup bread flour
1 T. sugar
1 T. Oil
1 t. salt
4 T. Lora Brody's Sourdough Bread Enhancer
1 cup sourdough starter
1/2 cup warm water

Cook on White bread cycle


Panettone is a sweet Italian raisin bread that is excellent for Christmas morning. There are some unusual ingredients like sweet Marsala wine, unsalted butter and orange extract that you will have to buy before you can make it. We add candied fruit, which makes it a light fruitcake.

This recipe is not foolproof. We have had failures with it in our machine and are still searching for the secret.

Heat 1/4 cup plus 1 T. of milk to scalding, and then set it aside to cool.

Put in the machine:

1 package + t. yeast
3 cups bread flour
1/3 cup sugar
t. salt
1/4 t. ground cloves
1/4 t. anise seed
zest of one large orange

When the milk has cooled to lukewarm, add it, plus

1 extra large egg
1 extra large egg yolk
4 T. soft unsalted butter
1 t. vanilla extract
1 t. orange extract (or 1/4 t. orange oil)
c sweet Marsala wine

If the dough looks too wet, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour. In the second mixing cycle, add:

1/3 cup golden raisins
1/3 cup candied fruit

Process on the whole wheat or sweet bread cycle.

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